Our Technology

The Benefits of BPI’s Technology

  • High efficiency designs able to outperform traditional diesel-fuelled vehicles.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Energy cost savings.
  • Lower overall machine costs.
  • Half the maintenance requirements of traditional diesel powered machines.
  • Integration with existing infrastructure for charging and servicing of equipment.
  • Many of the components and battery types that we use are completely recyclable.
  • Our systems address the mining industry’s biggest challenges – productivity, costs, fatigue and safety.

Applications for BPI’s Technology

  • Electronic vehicle traction systems
  • Battery powered mining vehicles
  • Battery powered mining equipment
  • Zero emissions industrial and mining vehicles
  • Vehicle battery systems
  • Rail bound equipment
  • Trackless equipment
  • Hauler type vehicles
  • Personnel carriers
  • Ultra Low Profile Dozers
  • Electric Shuttle Vehicles

battery power

Research & Development

BPI’s systems are the product of five years of research, prototyping and testing by engineers with extensive experience in electrical systems engineering and the mining industry. With the IDC as our partner and development facilitator, BPI will continue to innovate, research and develop more efficient, safer and advanced systems.

BPI’s Commitment to Safety

BPI’s Ultra-Safe concept dictates our approach to the design and integration of all systems. This concept applies to noise reduction, zero-emissions, lower heat and technology application. As developers, we have a responsibility to make our systems ultra-safe and there safety is the primary design consideration in the development of all BPI systems. We are aware that in underground conditions, any kind of vehicle breakdown needs to be repaired on the spot. This means that the system must be safe to work on and that maintenance needs to be as simple and easy as possible.

BPI’s battery systems meet the safety requirements of any mining operation. To implement reliable and consistent battery systems for underground vehicles and equipment, BPI has developed battery systems that allow for accurate temperature control, for all required safety measures to be met and for easy maintenance. One of the ways in which our system achieves this is by being considerably lighter due to its modular design. Our modular units weigh just 200kg each – which merely requires a trolley jack beside a vehicle to remove one battery unit should it fail and replace it with another. No specialised lifting equipment is needed.

Our battery systems have an IEC Class 3 design, active temperature control which extends the lifespan of the batteries and have been extensively tested and proven to be safe to handle when not in operation.