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battery power

BPI is a proudly South African OEM specialising in the development of battery energy systems, electrical traction systems and high speed charging systems for underground mining equipment.

BPI originated as the Technologies Division of Thuthukani Engineering Solutions. Following the attention gained by the performance and proof of concept on our initial product testing, the IDC stepped in as a development facilitator. At this point Thuthukani Technologies broke away from its parent company and BPI was founded as an independent entity.   

BPI aims to target zero emission underground mining equipment with our advanced battery energy systems technology offering that has been developed by a team of young, local engineers. All of BPI’s products are designed and manufactured in South Africa, by local engineers for the South African mining industry. BPI seamlessly combines extensive expertise in electronic systems engineering, experience in meeting the challenges faced by the mining industry and the latest in advanced battery technology, to provide solutions to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of mining operations.


  • To become the leading providers of electric mining vehicle and charging systems technology.
  • To employ, develop and uplift South Africa’s next generation of mining and electrical engineers.
  • To cultivate an ultra-safe methodology in the development of all BPI systems in order to contribute meaningfully to a safer working environment within all mining operations.


  • We envision BPI as one of the future leaders spearheading the technological revolution of South Africa’s mining industry.
  • Our vision is to establish BPI as a proudly South African OEM with all system components being manufactured locally at a dedicated BPI facility.

Strategic Partner Alignment

  • BPI is a proud partner of the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) who facilitated the launch of BPI with a capital facility.
  • Since BPI’s inception and initial product testing, BPI has been a dedicated partner of local underground mining vehicle manufacturer, Fermel.
  • BPI’s prototypes have been field tested at Anglo American’s Twickenham mine and have played an integral role in Anglo American’s sustainable FutureSmart Mining™ approach.
  • TBPI has partnered with fuel cell plant design and manufacturing firm, Hydrogetics, for the supply of fuel cell systems on key projects.
  • BPI has partnered with Rahm, a South African OEM, for the manufacturing of industrial vehicles on key projects.
  • BPI is affiliated with the SAIMM, the IEEE and ECSA.
  • BPI has an on-going working relationship with Thuthukani Engineering Solutions – within which BPI has its origins.

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